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Neck pains that sometimes translate into migraines can be a stubborn problem. They could lead you to consume pain relieving medication. They can also lead you surgery. Chiropractic treatment for neck pain is the safest and also the least intrusive method of treatment. The treatment can cover intervertebral dis that cannot be operated on, cervical sprains, degenerative joint syndrome affecting the neck, pain due to injuries and whip lash.


Your chiropractic doctor will try to put a finger on the exact cause of the pain. Even so, your chiropractor while look at your spine as a whole because your neck may be the source of your pain despite the problem existing in other parts of the spine. The diagnosis will be holistic because chiropractic philosophy of healing depends on approaching a problem holistically, not just elimination of symptoms. The philosophy suggests that if the spine is properly aligned, the body can use its innate mechanism to heal its self.

The chiropractor will observe the movement of your entire body to detect if there are any difficulties in movement. The chiropractor will take your history to try to establish if you have been treated before for the same symptoms. He or she will also look at your nutritional and stress patterns to find out if they also pose a problem. Diagnostic imaging like X-ray may also be used to perfectly put a finger on the exact cause and scope of the problem. The chiropractor will do all that to find out if the condition in question will be treated better by surgery


The treatment will be more than just elimination of symptoms. It will approach the problem holistically to have better results at the end of the treatment. Your chiropractor may use a combination of methods that are mainly manual. Some of which include, flexion-distraction technique that utilizes manual pumping on intervertebral disk instead of applying direct force. Your chiropractor can also make us of specific spinal manipulation to improve joint movement using gentle thrusting technique. Manual joint stretching and resistance technique helps to reduce pain and other symptoms Trigger point therapy can also be used to treat painful neck muscles. Another is instrument assisted manipulation that makes use of hand held instruments to manipulate the spine. This includes instrument assisted soft tissue therapy that helps relieve muscle tension. Low frequency electric current can be used to stimulate neck muscles.

Therapeutic exercises

Nothing beats exercise in maintaining the health of your joints and back bone. Therapeutic exercise can be recommended to improve range of motion for your neck. It can also be recommended to prevent neck pain or recurrence of the same.


Each person gets a unique approach to care when you seek chiropractic treatment. The ones mentioned above are meant to give you a glimpse, but if you are experiencing neck pain. It is safer for you to seek care. Your treatment will be personalized and the approach of treatment will depend on your case.


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